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Location, Location, Location is a Lie

Natalka Falcomer, CLO
Oct 02, 2018
Location, location, location is touted as the most important factor when determining the best place to invest. Like many maxims (e.g. “nice guys finish last”), location, location, is not entirely true. It’s nuanced.  read more

How To Enhance Your Career with Volunteerism

REIC National
Aug 14, 2018
Whether you are serving as a board member, participating in a committee or task force, hosting an event or manning a trade show booth, your volunteer efforts are vital to both the success of your organization and your own advancement. If you are looking for ways to enhance your career, network with peers, and create meaningful changes - volunteering presents opportunities for both professional and personal growth. read more

Development Opportunity: East & West Granville "Loops"

City of Vancouver
May 28, 2018
Sponsored content - The City of Vancouver is pleased to present an opportunity to develop a gateway residential neighbourhood on two prime development parcels at the entrance to Downtown Vancouver.   read more

Percent Rent and Gross Revenue Reports

Natalka Falcomer, CLO
May 14, 2018
I’ve had the opportunity to meet with numerous agents and lawyers who specialize in commercial leasing and they all say the same thing: it’s a tedious, difficult and boring job to read a full lease, but it’s necessary. There’s always a risk that something’s lurking behind the shadows of clause 34.12 (r) and that something will bite you when you least suspect it.   read more

​Your Guide to the #REIC2018 Annual Conference and AGM

REIC National
May 07, 2018
This year the theme for the REIC Annual Conference and AGM is Exploring Opportunities, and we don’t want you to miss a single one at this exciting three-day event in Montreal, QC. With that in mind, we have put together this guide for making the most out of your experience and to help you prepare for three days of informative sessions, networking, and celebration of professional growth.   read more

Networking Opportunities for Property Managers

REMI Network
Apr 13, 2018
Networking in the property management industry goes beyond finding a new job or making small talk at a business conference. It’s about building relationships and tapping into resources that have long-term value.   read more

Must-Have Skills as Property Management Evolves

REMI Network
Mar 16, 2018
The daily life of a property manager is far different today than it was a decade ago. In the multi-family sector, residents want more than to simply rent an apartment – they want to experience a lifestyle. They expect their relationship with a landlord to feel less transactional and more emotional. With increased competition among building owners, front-end staff must focus on building brand loyalty and brand awareness to develop that trust.   read more

The Behaviour Behind Effective Lease Negotiation

REMI Network
Feb 13, 2018
To effectively and successfully negotiate, real estate practitioners must understand how human behavior influences the deal-making process. It’s about more than just strategy – awareness of personalities, perception, body language and vocal tone helps professionals deliver lasting and better-quality solutions.   read more

Understanding the Importance of Social Media Presence

Anthony Gilbert, REALTOR
Feb 08, 2018
Traditional advertising is no longer enough to stay competitive. Agents need to harness the potential of social media to connect with potential clients and showcase new properties. Why is a social media presence important for agents? Understand more about how being active on social media can benefit agents today.   read more

Updated REIC Code of Professional Standards Ensures Continued Relevance in An Evolving Industry

REIC National
Jan 25, 2018
There is no doubt these are evolving times for all real estate professionals. The nature of transactions as well as the regulatory environment are becoming more complex. Observing industry changes, REIC has updated its Code of Professional Standards – a written and sworn contract that defines standards of business practice required of all its Members.    read more

Property Manager’s Guide to Ethics in Real Estate

REMI Network
Jan 23, 2018
Even the most seasoned property managers find good decision-making to be a life-long learning experience in an ever-changing industry. While there are basic rules to knowing what is right and wrong, peer-to-peer dilemmas are ripe with grey areas that require closer examination and a lot of well-tuned gut instinct.   read more

Professional Development: The Key to Attracting and Retaining Top Talent!

Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM)
Jan 03, 2018
It’s no secret that the real estate management profession is aging more quickly than other occupations. You are probably seeing that in your own organization and have realized how imperative it is to the future of your company and the industry to attract and retain young talent.   read more
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