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Beat the Back to Work Blues

Dreading going back to work after a fun filled break? We hope these tips will help put things into perspective and see you through the work week.  

works blues1. Get organized and write out a list of your top priorities

Acknowledge what went well during your break. Take a few moments to identify your top priorities and anything else you need to remember to get back into work mode. Write it out and make a list.

Writing out a list can diffuse the anxiety and give you peace of mind with a compass for getting back to work. Remember, the brain loves a plan. Make a plan for how to re-engage in work and you'll be rewarded with calm, clarity and more ease in getting back to work.

2. Acknowledge what went well during your break

Dwelling on not having enough time will zap your mojo. Instead, reflect on what you did enjoy, even if it was only a brief reprieve. Savouring and practicing gratitude can give you a boost in mojo and shift you into a more abundant mindset. Go ahead and make a list of "what I did on my holiday vacation." This easy strategy offers access to an energy tap and is really only a thought away.

3. Focus on what you are looking forward to

Refocus your attention towards the good things you are looking forward to rather than dwelling on what's now gone (time off).  Find the nuggets that invite you forward.

4. Create a meaningful goal

Meaningful goals can inspire us and provide purpose to our days. Are your goals energizing you or are they should goals or resolutions that deplete your mojo? Make them count!  

For those of you feeling stuck in an unfulfilling work situation, read up on how to spark up the career mojo even if you are not in the ideal job right now.

5. Mind your schedule

Pay attention to how you schedule your first days back. Are you diving into the deep end or easing back with time to recalibrate, organize and bring the best of yourself to your work? Make it work for you.

Adapted from:  Eileen Chadwick, Huffington Post

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