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Course List: A-Z

Courses are listed alphabetically by course name / course number:

ABR® - Accredited Buyer's Representative Course
The ABR® course educates and prepares real estate professionals to thoroughly represent buyer-clients in real estate transactions and provide the quality of service and degree of fidelity to buyers that sellers have customarily enjoyed. Course content covers agency relationships, negotiation strategies, the advantages of buyer representation from the buyer, seller, listing and selling broker perspectives, and identifying sources of buyer clients. 

ASM600 - Investment Real Estate Financing and Valuation
Utilize financial tools that help build value and increase income for your business holdings, and determine the performance of real estate assets using a variety of measurement tools and approaches.
Also available in home study format.

CID201 - Successful Condominium Management
Enhance your basic management skills and develop sound strategies to increase the management performance of your residential property. 
Also available in home study format.

CIPS - Certified International Property Specialist Course
International buyers traditionally spend more money on homes and pay in cash more frequently than domestic purchasers. Knowledge and preparation are keys to growing your business with this buyer group. The CIPS curriculum is synonymous with advanced expertise, a global perspective and a distinct understanding of a global buyer. 

C-RETS - Certified Real Estate Team Specialist
Improve team development, individual leadership skills, and financial performance with the C-RETS certification. The C-RETS curriculum integrates ready-to-implement strategies and solutions and provides a comprehensive foundation of skill development, training, and resources to build, lead and manage a high performance team. 

CRB - Certified Real Estate Brokerage Manager Program
The CRB curriculum is designed to help you to develop and streamline operating practices, market and position your company, understand finances, and keep costs in check. 

ePRO - Day 1 Certification Course 
Take your real estate business to the next level with digital marketing. Expand your digital skills with the e-PRO® certification program and learn how to use the latest social media technologies to create an online presence vital in reaching today's hyper-connected consumers.

FIN402 - Investment Real Estate - Financial Tools
This course addresses the core issues that impact fiscal planning, giving you the ability to calculate important financial components and take control of your property’s financial outlook.
Also available in home study format.

HRS402 - Leading a Winning Property Management Team
This intermediate level, two-day course is designed to build and enhance your skills in hiring, leading, managing, and evaluating your staff to build a cohesive team aligned with the company's overall objectives.
Also available in home study format.

IRES2300 - Introduction to Reserve Fund Studies & Management
Using discussions and practical exercises, this course introduces students to the basic framework of reserve fund studies. Designed for students pursuing the CRP or ARP designation programs.

IRES2310 - Building Construction and Systems
This course covers the processes involved in conducting a reserve fund study and a technical audit leading to the design concepts and durability factors leading to building repair.

IRES2320 - Building Costing and Life Analysis
This course covers the basics of component costing and life cycle analysis for apartment buildings to determine quantities and scopes of work.

IRES2330 - Reserve Fund Financial Fundamentals
This course serves as an introduction to reserve fund accounting, capital and reserve fund budgeting. Learn how the reserve fund fits into the accounting system; plan a reserve fund study and communicate reserve fund information to users.

IRES2340 - Reserve Fund Case Study
The course encompasses all aspects of a reserve fund study with attention to every detail of the reserve fund planning process.  Students will actively participate in producing an actual reserve fund study report.

MKL405 - Marketing and Leasing: Multi-Family Properties
This course provides key strategies to position properties in the market to attract and retain new tenants. Designed to help property managers increase profits and improve retention.
Also available in home study format.

MKL406 - Marketing and Leasing: Office Buildings
This course teaches the major aspects of market analysis, office marketing practices, and successful leasing negotiations for office buildings using case studies.
Also available in home study format.

MNT402 - Managing the Physical Asset
Learn the specifics of planning, implementing and monitoring cost and time-efficient property maintenance operations and manage various types of risk to boost your property's performance.
Also available in home study format.

MPINDS - Traditional Management Plan
The MPINDS is designed to assess your knowledge of the concepts, technical skills, and processes involved in preparing, analyzing, and completing a property management plan following IREM standards. It is completed in a classroom setting and includes an exam component that requires responses to management scenarios based on an actual property of your own choice .

MPSAXM - Management Plan Skills Assessment
The MPSAXM is designed to assess your knowledge of the concepts, technical skills, and processes involved in preparing, analyzing, and completing a property management plan following IREM standards. It is completed in a classroom setting and includes an exam component that requires responses to management scenarios based on a property type.

PSA - Pricing Strategy Advisor
This course enhances your skills in pricing properties, creating CMAs, working with appraisers, and guiding clients through the anxieties and misperceptions they often have about home values. Designed for real estate professionals at all experience levels and those working with either buyers or sellers.

REIC2270 - Consumer Behaviour and Negotiating
Gain insight and understanding of the needs and behaviour of the various parties involved in a real estate transaction to successfully communicate and negotiate with them. 
Also available in online study format.

REIC2280 - Legal Issues in Real Estate
Learn practical real estate applications to legal issues. This course not only covers what the current legal issues are in real estate but also how to protect yourself against liability. 

REIC2351 - Elements of Mortgage Management
This course reviews the advanced application of the mathematics of mortgage financing and explores development analysis and development financing.

REIC2360 - The Leasing Process
Strengthen your real estate skills by addressing the many issues which may surface during a leasing sequence. Acquire the skills to comprehend and handle leases from the perspective of both the landlord and the tenant.

REIC2361 - Negotiating and Documentation in Commercial Leasing
This courses focuses on the leasing and documentation procedures which follow the selection of qualified premises and confirmation of the economic feasibility of the acquisition.

REIC2600 - Ethics in Business Practice
REIC’s senior level ethics program deals extensively with ethical codes and management issues. Using case studies, group discussions, workshops, and videos, participants will study various real estate ethical codes and will acquire the tools and strategies to maintain strict ethical standards in a business setting. 
Also available in online study format.

RENE - Real Estate Negotiation Expert
The RENE certification is for real estate professionals who want to sharpen their negotiation skills for successful outcomes. The RENE certification program gives REALTORS® the tips and tools they need to be skillful advocates for their clients.

RES201 - Successful Site Management
Learn how to enhance your basic management skills and develop sound strategies for most profitable residential management performance.
Also available in home study format.

SRES® - Senior's Real Estate Specialist Course
The SRES® designation course seeks to instill knowledge and understanding of, and empathy for 50+ real estate clients and customers.  Students will develop the business building skills and resources needed for specialization in the 50+ real estate market.

SRM001 - Sustainable Real Estate Management
Learn cost-effective solutions to sustainable real estate management, including implementing sustainable property operations and running a sustainable real estate management company.
Also available in home study format.

SRS - Seller Representative Specialist Course
The Seller Representative Specialist (SRS) ​designation course elevates professional standards, enhances individual performance, and recognizes real estate professionals who demonstrate the knowledge and skills essential in professionally and ethically representing sellers.

Certification Exams
A Certification exam is required for the ARM®, CPM® and ACoM designations after completing all required courses.  Click the above link for further information about the examination process and registration.
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