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About Home Study Courses

Optimize your learning with REIC's home study option. Study at your own schedule and still make time for your business and personal commitments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much time do I have to take the course?

Upon registering for your course, you will receive an email confirmation that you are registered.  The email will state your registration date.  You will have six (6) months from this date to complete your home study reading and complete the online examination.  This way, you can balance your schedule with the other demands in your life. Please note: time extensions will not be granted.

What materials will I receive?

Once your registration form has been processed, you will receive the course materials package in either digital format by email or printed format via Canada Post.  You will also receive an email with instructions on how to write the exam online.  

Tell me more about the exam. Does someone have to supervise me?

The exam does not need to be supervised.  For all IREM home study courses, the exam is open book and will consists of multiple choice questions.  You will receive email instructions on how to complete your exam.  You must have a computer with internet connection to write your exam online.  Once you login to the online exam, you will have two hours to complete each exam.  You will receive your exam results once you complete the end of the course evaluation.

How long will it take to receive my results?

Once you have completed your exam online and the course evaluation, you will receive your exam results immediately.  You may then choose to print your exam results and certificate for your own records.  In the event that you do not receive a successful result, you may choose to re-do the exam at that time.  There is no fee for re-writing the exam once.  

Is there a passing grade for the exam?

Course exams are graded on a pass/fail basis only.  You must receive 70% or greater on your exam in order to pass the course. 

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