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Effective immediately, REIC is not offering any in-person courses. All REIC courses are being transitioned to an alternate online delivery platform (real-time remote).

MPSAXM - Management Plan Skills Assessment

The MPSAXM is designed to assess a student’s knowledge of the concepts, technical skills, and processes involved in preparing, analyzing, and completing a property management plan. It is completed in a classroom setting and includes an exam component that requires written responses to management scenarios based on a property type of your own choosing.  A student must attend all four days and receive a passing score on the exam in order to fulfill the CPM® management plan requirement.

Students must comply with specific guidelines and pre-course requirements prior to being able to complete the electronic exam.

For the MPSAXM, students must choose one property type out of the following options: office building, conventional apartment, or retail strip shopping center.


The MPSA Exam includes several components:

IREM® Management Plan Review (Day 1 and 2) 

Prepare to complete the Management Plan Skills Assessment by reviewing the importance of managing by plan and the IREM® management plan outline. You’ll discuss how the property analysis, market analysis, and analysis of alternatives contribute to a comprehensive management plan.

MPSA Exam/Practical Application – Case Study (Day 3) 

You will be presented with information about a property based on your initial selection at the time you registered (i.e., office building, conventional apartment, or retail strip shopping center). On this day you will review and analyze the case study and prepare the “as is” alternative. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions of an IREM® facilitator. The practical application is open book.  

MPSA Exam/Practical Application – Skills Assessment (Day 4) 

Presented with a management scenario, you will work independently to prepare written essay answers to a series of questions that follow the IREM® management plan outline. The questions are designed to measure your ability to analyze and communicate complex information needed to complete a workable management plan. The practical application is open book. 

MPSAXM Grading

The MPSAXM is given the same point total value as a management plan: 1000 total points. To receive a passing score on the MPSAXM, a student is required to achieve the minimum score to pass of 700 (70%) or higher, and a minimum of 70% in Practical Application Section 3 (Analysis of Alternatives) and Practical Application Section 4 (Recommended Course of Action). 

Please note:  Taking FIN402, ASM600, and MPSAXM in consecutive order is strongly recommended.

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