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REIC2270 - Online Format                

About the Online Course

Consumer Behaviour and Negotiating provides an overview of the negotiating process and insight into how communications, personality/behavioural traits and conflict can have an influence on interpersonal exchanges and negotiations. The topics covered in the course will have an impact on both your professional and personal relationships. You will be able to immediately start incorporating your learning into your practice.

Working at your own pace you will learn concepts such as the importance of understanding human behaviour, personality profiles in negotiations, tips and tricks to improve your communications and the seven step negotiation process. Using videos, self-reflection activities, and assignments, you will be shown concrete examples of how to implement the concepts into your daily activities.

“Check Your Progress End of Chapter” tests, assignments and a final exam will provide you the opportunities to assess your comprehension of the materials covered.

You will have access to a seasoned real estate professional during your course of study should you need assistance or clarification. The University of Fredericton hosts the site and their staff is available for technical assistance by phone or email. Details on how to access these resources will be made available once you are registered.


Completion of the Course

Your marks will be derived from your completion of course activities, your assignments and the examination. The exam is available for one week after the final assignment and course evaluations have been completed.

You will have six months from the day you register to complete the course. Credit for successfully completing the course can be used towards an REIC designation program.

See the course information page to register.
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