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REIC2341 - Property Risk Assessment, Credit & Underwriting

While this course is designed to provide a general knowledge and understanding of residential mortgage underwriting, real estate valuations and assessing risk, it is most relevant to those with experience and background in credit and property risk assessment or who work in a mortgage underwriting environment.

Technology and software provide instant feedback on specific loan variables to improve the decision-making process, with an emphasis on the need for data accuracy. This course will provide a learning experience within a computer classroom, allowing each participant an individual work station and access to the software.

Course Content

  • Fraud and risking models in property valuation
  • Title insurance
  • Changes impacting the condominium mortgage market
  • Non-traditional incomes and business for self, with tools for assessing and understanding risks
  • Students work with electronic systems such as emili and morty, and the various links to Equifax, Polaris, etc.

Property Risk Assessment, Credit & Electronic Underwriting is one of two specialty courses which, when combined with other course requirements, leads to REIC's Certified Residential Underwriter (CRU) designation.

Prerequisite Courses:

REIC2340 - Mortgage Lending for Residential Housing

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