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Currently, REIC is offering its courses via virtual (real-time remote), home study, or online through the University of Fredericton. Please refer to the upcoming class schedule for full details regarding the delivery options available. 

REIC2270 - Consumer Behaviour & Negotiating

This specialty course is designed to develop the real estate practitioner's skills in understanding the needs and behaviour of the people they do business with, and to effectively and successfully communicate and negotiate with them. This is accomplished using group discussions, exercises, videos, case studies and workshops. The course is ideal for the real estate practitioner who deals directly and negotiates with clients. Credit is awarded for this three-day course upon successful completion of an exam.

Course Content

The Importance of Understanding Human Behaviour:

  • Interpersonal relationships 
  • Needs-wants theory
  • Personality styles
  • Overcoming conflicts

Profile of People in Negotiation

  • Handling different behaviours during a difficult negotiation
  • The value of effective communication
  • The perceptual process and the communication process
  • Overcoming perceptual blocks

Guidelines for Becoming Effective Communicators

  • Communicate to create understanding

Silent Communication

  • Body language - what are you "really" saying?
  • Personal space
  • Voice and tone

A Spectrum of Relationships

  • The client-negotiator relationship: a spectrum of negotiator
  • Client-centered relationship
  • Cooperative interaction
  • Negotiator-centered responses

Negotiation Process

  • Gain knowledge
  • Plan
  • Outline responsibilities
  • Listen to the process
  • Evaluate
  • Communicate
  • Accomplish the win/win agreement

Common Barriers to Successful Negotiation

  • Confrontational negotiation
  • Emotional negotiation
  • Focusing on personalities
  • Negotiate a win/win agreement
  • Ethics and negotiation
  • Using tactics and ploys to enhance your negotiation strategies ethically

Improving Negotiation Success

  • Overview             

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