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Currently, REIC is offering its courses via virtual (real-time remote), home study, or online through the University of Fredericton. Please refer to the upcoming class schedule for full details regarding the delivery options available. 


REIC2600 - Ethics in Business Practice                

This course is designed to help develop and refine the real estate practitioner's decision-making skills from an ethical standpoint. Using factual and hypothetical case studies, group discussions, workshops, and videos, participants will study various real estate ethical codes to acquire the tools and strategies to maintain strict ethical standards. Credit is awarded for this three-day core course upon successful completion of an exam. 

Course Content

The Importance of Ethical Business Practice

  • What is ethics?     
  • Why are ethics so important?
  • Sources of ethical values
  • The concept of moral reasoning
  • Business ethics
  • ​The ethics checklist

Ethical Values

  • Fundamental ethical values
  • Five core values based on the word "TRUST"
  • REIC Code of Professional Standards

Developing Ethical Values

  • Development of ethical values
  • The three imperatives for human conduct
  • Intervention scenario
  • The ethics puzzle
  • Maslow's hierarchy of needs

Ethical Decision Making

  • Steps to ethical decision-making; an organized approach
  • Discussion on codes
  • Ethics pyramid
  • Why do ethical problems arise?
  • Grey areas in ethics

Ethics Articles, Codes, etc.

  • Review of the codes: REIC, IREM, CREA, provincial regulatory codes (i.e. Real Estate Brokerage Act)
  • Case studies: discussion, resolution, decision

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