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Elevate Your Career with an MBA/EMBA

Canada's first fully online MBA/EMBA with a Specialty Track in Real Estate Leadership

Organizations need managers and leaders who can navigate difficult market conditions and take advantage of opportunities. The Sandermoen School of Business MBA/EMBA program with a specialty track in Real Estate Leadership positions real estate industry leaders to be masters in their field.  This fully online program has been developed in collaboration with REIC to take your career to the next level.    

What can an MBA/EMBA do for me?

The MBA/EMBA is an ideal way for real estate industry professionals to hone their leadership and management expertise to guide and shape their organizations ( e.g. brokerages or property management  companies) and the real estate sector as a whole towards greater and more robust performance.

The program combines strong management foundation courses in the areas of accounting and finance, governance and strategy, leadership and ethics, as well as operations, marketing, and human resources with specialized knowledge courses unique to the real estate industry. The program enables individuals to strengthen their leadership ability and gain powerful knowledge and skills.


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