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Currently, REIC is offering its courses via virtual (real-time remote), home study, or online through the University of Fredericton. Please refer to the upcoming class schedule for full details regarding the delivery options available. 

REIC2360 - The Leasing Process

This course is designed to strengthen the real estate practitioners skills in handling and addressing the variety of issues which can arise in a commercial leasing sequence.  Commercial leases come packaged in a bewildering assortment of complex forms that require the comprehension of many interrelated factors.

Participants will acquire the skills to understand and handle leases from the perspective of both the landlord and the tenant. This five day course is completed with a final exam.

Course Content

 Introduction to the Leasing Process

  • The leasing process and landlord and tenant relationships 
  • The leasing professional: traits, skills, professional development
  • Leasing terminology
  • Commercial, industrial and retail leases
  • Calculation and assessments of rents
  • Measurement and calculation of rental areas
  • The landlords and tenants objectives: financial and structural

The Tenant

  • Qualifying the tenant
  • The tenant's lease requirements: first analysis
  • Establishing the occupancy cost budget
  • Defining space requirements
  • Reconciliation of space and budget criteria
  • The lease accommodation Survey and Qualification
  • Priority lease terms and conditions
  • Preparing to negotiate with the landlord

The Landlord

  • The developer’s and landlord proforma
  • The development process
  • The timeline for an office development
  • Real estate appraisal
  • The tenant mix
  • Tenant inducements
  • Key leasing strategies and objectives: the landlord

Negotiating, Documenting and Administering the Lease Agreement

  • Basic guidelines to contract drafting
  • Negotiating the office to lease
  • The lease document
  • Lease audits
  • Tenant surveys
  • 10 ways landlord’s retain their premium tenants

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